Wade Grant for Vancouver City Councillor

Leadership that
embraces diversity


I am excited — with the support of my children and family — to confirm that I am seeking the nomination for Vancouver City Council. As a proud Musqueam member and Vancouverite, I’m looking forward to working on real reconciliation, through real action in our city. Vancouver has helped me become the man and father I am today; I am proud of my upbringing and foundation. In addition to my Musqueam background, I am a proud descendant of new Canadians who immigrated from both Europe and China many years ago.

I’m currently exploring working towards changing the political culture in our city, focusing on action and bringing people together, instead of division and political games.

I’m currently exploring moving forward with:

  • Creating land and housing solutions throughout the city, including for Indigenous communities
  • Bringing Indigenous voices to key decision-making rooms throughout the city
  • Making real change for marginalized communities throughout Vancouver
  • Working on a future for Chinatown that embraces both heritage and progress
  • Continuing to be a bridge for Indigenous and new immigrant communities

In all of these areas, I will be working with a passionate team to take good ideas, get the job done, and bring people together.

Our city needs to move forward and end the political pettiness. I am joining this movement to bring action and solutions to those in need across our city. I look forward to the opportunity to continue building bridges between neighbours, and working on the solutions that benefit us all.