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Leadership that
embraces diversity


Wade Grant – Leadership That Embraces Diversity
Looking Beyond Politics to be Proud of our Vancouver Again

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A Conversation For All Vancouver – Father and Son – Leadership that Embraces Diversity

Wade and Howard Grant – A Conversation, Father and Son – Humility

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Wade and Howard Grant – A Conversation, Father and Son – Leadership

Wade and Howard Grant – A Conversation, Father and Son – Family

I am proud to call the City of Vancouver my home. I do recognize, though, that our city is in a time of great change, and faces many challenges. Over the past several months, I have talked, listened and learned many things. Most importantly, I know that we need our leaders to stop allowing partisanship from getting in the way of the important work needed in our city. Stop sitting and doing nothing! Change everything here and now with freispiele! Don’t wait a second!

We need to move away from political games, focus on what will work for everyone in our city. We must come together to continue building a world class city that all residents can take pride in calling their home. Unreal winnings only with online pokies australia real money no deposit make yourself happy!

When I look at the incredible diversity of Vancouver, I don’t see differences, I see so much that we all share in common. By working together we can turn the incredible opportunity of diversity into a very special asset. Diversity is our capital that will help us to lead the world in figuring out how to live together with hope and harmony for a better future, in spite of our differences.

I know that we can restore Vancouver to a place we are all proud of, and ensure that we leave it as a better place for future generations.

My entire life, people throughout the community, my mentors and my family have instilled in me the values needed to be a leader that everyone can trust. They have taught me to be a leader who listens with humility, embraces people from all walks of life and works diligently to build a consensus. I continue to live and breathe those virtues.

I believe that this is the type of leadership our city needs now more than ever.

I hold a tremendous amount of respect for the many people, in various political parties that have asked me to join and run with them over the last year. However, I believe I could best stay true to the values I live and believe by running for city council as an independent.

I have been told, by many, on numerous occasions, that running on my own will be an uphill battle.

I welcome and embrace this challenge because I know that it is the only choice I could make with integrity as a father and a community leader. Running as an independent allows me to stay true to myself, live my values and honour the sacrifices made by many that came before me and built this city on the strength of diversity and now I stand on their shoulders in this most critical time.

I am officially stepping forward as an independent candidate for city councillor for the upcoming municipal election in Vancouver. As I begin this journey, I promise to continue to be a leader that embraces the strength of diversity in our communities and businesses, and works with everyone in the City of Vancouver.

Today, we all hope for a better Future for Vancouver. I want to work with the citizens of Vancouver to turn that hope into action, and reality. I intend to do this by:

  • Taking a leadership role in creating a city council that embraces and amplifies the strengths of diversity that is our city, listens, finds consensus and moves us forward
  • Being a strong Independent voice on city council that looks past the party politics and brings people together around solutions
  • By using our current resources to put forward effective land and housing solutions throughout the city, for all communities
  • Making real change for marginalized communities throughout Vancouver
  • Working on a future for Chinatown that embraces both heritage and progress
  • Continuing to strengthen the connections between Indigenous and new immigrant communities and further allow Indigenous input for key decision-making rooms throughout the city

I look forward to listening to you over the coming weeks and becoming a city councillor who will lead by embracing the great strengths in our city.