Platform – Wade Grant for Vancouver City Councillor

Leadership that
embraces diversity




  • Using our current resources to put forward effective land and housing solutions throughout the city, for all communities.
  • In line with the Musqueam community bring forward an approach that sees housing as more than just a place to live. Look at housing as something vital to the fabric of our lives. Housing needs to be built to serve our families, income, land, environment and greater community.
  • Build housing that fits our common needs, family needs and the needs of the environment.
  • Eliminate zoning that reduces apartment buildings in residential areas of the City of Vancouver.
  • Add rental-only zoning and percentage rental requirements to various buildings and neighbourhoods.
  • Work with the city and the three local first nations to co-develop rental projects that benefit all and provide affordable rental.
  • Embrace diversity (diverse people and incomes) in neighbourhoods
  • Reduce permit wait times for purpose-built rental housing
  • Support zoning changes in neighbourhoods that need it
  • Build rental housing and low-income housing on city-owned land
  • Build new town centres around Skytrain stations, the new St. Paul’s hospital, and Hastings park with a good mix of housing and amenities
  • Address safety and maintenance issues of single-room occupancy hotels in the Downtown Eastside
  • Speed up permitting for building new rental housing


  • Advocate for increased car shares, busses, and Skytrain. As a city grows people need to be able to get to where they need to go. We need to invest in transportation.

Health/drug crisis

  • Provide more options for prevention of opioid use and ways out for people who want to get out. Harm reduction is only one of many needed solutions.

Small Businesses

  • Work to keep small business sustainable in Vancouver
  • Give tax breaks to our small business owners to keep them in business.
  • Negotiate and pool CACs on a set fixed rate

Embracing Diversity

  • Taking a leadership role in creating a city council that embraces and amplifies the strengths of diversity that is our city, listens, finds consensus and moves us forward
  • Being a strong Independent voice on city council that looks past the party politics and brings people together around solutions
  • Making real change for marginalized communities throughout Vancouver
  • Working on a future for Chinatown that embraces both heritage and progress
  • Continuing to strengthen the connections between Indigenous and new immigrant communities and further allow Indigenous input for key decision-making rooms throughout the city